Dan’s Funeral: A Look Back

To me, this was THE moment of season fourteen.  Dan Gheesling’s mock “funeral” that got him back to the game, a bullet he rode all the way into the final two.  Several moments come close.  Dan’s blindside of Shane Meaney, Janelle Pierzina’s sudden ouster, Ian Terry winning, and the Willie Hantz and Joe Arvin fight […]

So What Did I Learn This Season?

Believe it or not, this was the first Big Brother season I’ve watched from start to finish since All-Stars back in 2006. Generally, I’m happy I “came back” to watch this season, and I learned some things. Some good, some not so good. Dan Gheesling Saved The Season: I felt that the season had a […]

Nothing Business, Just Personal

The fourteenth season of Big Brother came to a close with one of the best finales in show history. In a mild upset, Ian Terry outlasted Dan Gheesling to win the jury vote 6-1 and becomes the youngest winner of the series at exactly 21 years and 6 months of age. Danielle Murphree was the […]

By The Numbers: Finale Night

Whoever Wins HOH Tonight Ties Records (If it’s Dan or Ian): If Dan Gheesling wins the Head of Household competition tonight, he becomes the first previous winner to become a finalist a second time, and could also (of course) become the first repeat winner in show history if he wins tonight. He’d also become the […]

Three Days To Payday

The last few days in the Big Brother house have been somewhat uneventful. When the most exciting thing to happen is a brush fire flickering the power on and off from six miles away, it’s not all that exciting. We now have a winner to part two of the three part Head Of Household competition.

That Really Did Happen

We all know by now what’s happened on last night’s live show. The move we all thought Dan Gheesling was going to make was made, and Danielle Murphree wasn’t very happy about it.  But there’s one piece of business that happened last night that is yet to be known.