Why Ruin A Good Thing?

So the nominations are in, and they pretty much went as expected.

Frank Eudy is now on the block a record tying 6th time, becoming the first male houseguest since Curtis Kin to be nominated that many times, with Frank having a possible four nomination ceremonies and three veto meetings to dodge should he survive and win Power Of Veto tomorrow or survive the eviction vote. Jenn Arroyo joins Frank for her 2nd nomination.

The highlight of the day (some would call it a lowlight) was the appearance of former Big Brother houseguest and current Total Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestler Jessie “Mr. Pectacular” Godderz. Jessie, making an appearance in Big Brother at some point for a fifth straight year, was part of a Pandora’s Box twist for this week. He gave toys to Ian Terry (that’s right, toys to a 21 year old) and confiscated junk foods, tea, and beer from the other houseguests, replacing them with healthy foods.

I expect the de facto “shootout” between Ian (currently the Head of Household) and Frank to continue, although without any of the heated debate we’ve seen recently. But if Frank wins POV this week, neither of them can be HOH in the double eviction round Thursday. And that may take the game in a whole new direction.



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