Behold The Boy King

So here’s what happened tonight:

Dan Gheesling’s master plan came to fruition as Britney Haynes became the second juror of season fourteen in one of the great moves in show history. Dan seemed finished, but held a mock funeral for himself Sunday night. He mockingly trashed running buddy Danielle Murphee, saying she was dead to him. With Danielle wondering what it was she had done, it gave Dan the opening to talk to then Head of Household Frank Eudy to reveal the hidden agenda of the Quack Pack. Frank, reeling from Dan’s sudden cooperation with him, conspired with Jenn Arroyo so that Dan would be vetoed off. Britney was sent up in his place and is now backdoored from the game, evicted on a 4-1 vote. Ian Terry was the sole vote to evict Danielle.

This lead to the Head Of Household competition tonight, one of two Frank can’t partake in due to stipulation from the previous Power of Veto game. The game continued as the live show left the air, but Joe Arvin and Jenn quickly fell. Danielle and Dan followed, leaving Shane Meaney and Ian up fighting for the HOH spot for another hour. Shane asked the others to go inside so that he and Ian could cut a deal, and Ian agreed to keep he and Danielle safe from nomination or back dooring. Ian is HOH for the second time in the last eight days and makes the final six.

It’s obvious who Ian will go after: Frank will be a large target in his cross-hairs. Ian also discussed how ineffective backdooring is at this point the game, so I’m looking for Ian to make a pre-emptive strike tomorrow against the son of Psycho Sid. The question is who will be his second pick: most likely Jenn, but it could also be Dan or Joe. Ian likes to make big plays and claim the biggest scalp, so let’s see how bad he wants to be in the week ahead.


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