The Self Destruction Of Ian

Ian Terry, Season 14 houseguest.

Too early to say if this is another turning point in the game, but Ian Terry’s remarks last night may prove to be just that.

Last night, the house gets some wine and beers, and Ian gets drunk as do some other houseguests. At around 12:45am PDT while berating Frank Eudy’s social game, Ian says he’s wanted to play the game since before the plane went into the tower, which is a reference to the 9/11 attacks on September 11, 2001.

The house basically flipped out over his remarks, Jenn Arroyo the most of all, who was and is a resident of Brooklyn, a New York City borough. While Ian defended his remarks saying that he only meant it to put his love of the Big Brother show in a historical context, the house didn’t really by it. Even Frank, who with a two week exclusion from being HOH again, counseled Ian that it was the wrong thing to say, even though such remarks keep him off the hot seat, and he desperately needs to stay off of such a hot seat right now.

Prior to this, I though Ian was the best character in the game. His tiffs with Frank seem justified, because Frank plays himself off as someone who wants to be a “house captain”, someone who wants to domineer anyone who makes any move against him. But these 9/11 remarks…nope, I can’t condone that.

So next week, you may as well call Ian “Arnold,” because he becomes The Running Man. The whole house may gun for him now, so the kid better win Head Of Household or Power Of Veto to buy himself some time to make the other houseguests forget what he said.


3 thoughts on “The Self Destruction Of Ian

  1. I still love Ian, people are over re-acting what he said is not offensive. People are acting like he said the 9/11 was a joke….

  2. Didn’t see the video, but from what is written about it, I have no problem with it. (I also lived there during 9/11 and I guess from the controversy this is now the only politically correct way to refer to it?) especially since they all encouraged him to get drunk with Brit. and then to use it against him. sad group of people. from what I know about the players is the show, Ian will accomplish more than any of them outside of the show (except maybe Danelle)

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