Hook And Ladder

The power of veto ceremonies have now concluded. And if you’ve missed the last couple of days, you are in for a MAJOR shock.

Jenn Arroyo saved Dan Gheesling with her veto after Ian Terry stood pat with his. Britney Haynes is now up on the block with Danielle Murphee, and it’s quite likely Britney will be the second juror come Thursday night. Jenn, Frank Eudy, and Dan are all now working together, if you can believe that.

Dan’s now the king of the impossible. To use a football term, Dan didn’t throw a hail mary. He threw a hook and ladder perfectly timed for a touchdown. What a move. Maybe one of the best moves I’ve ever seen in this game.

How brilliant a move was it? Even if Danielle goes to the jury on Thursday, it’s STILL a great move, because Dan has a lot of common ground with the floaters who are pissed at him now, but that should be a temporary thing. If Danielle stays, she might even gun for Dan, if you can believe that.

The game has turned on its head, and Dan could be closing in on being Big Brother’s first two time winner.  And if wins again…hell, if he makes the final two, I’ll buy “Punch It In” for the Kindle on my Blackberry. This guy is a frigging genius!

Gave me goose bumps.


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