Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

So the Power Of Veto competition took place last night, and again, we have controversy.

Jenn won the POV last night, a competition seemed to be destined to be yet again in Frank Eudy’s grasp for a fourth straight time, which would have been a new record. But he committed the heresy of speaking out of turn in the game, which prompted the producers to disqualify him, paving the way to Jenn’s win.

On the onset, it seemed to me that Frank getting DQ’ed was karma from last week, when many thought he should have been thrown out. This week it happens when many in the house felt it shouldn’t have happened. Typical Big Brother production: when many feel they should intervene, they don’t. When they shouldn’t intervene, they do. The TV show didn’t provide any clarification last Wednesday when Frank and Mike Boogie admitted they cheated, but now this? Obviously, since they decided to act this time around, it will make the TV show. It’ll be interesting to see how they spin it.

Meanwhile, Dan Gheesling is in trouble of being the one going home this week. Like I mentioned Friday night, Dan didn’t follow his own game plan of not losing your cool at all times. I don’t think Ian or Jenn save him, and I think he’s going to get dissent from his own group. It’s the season of the floater, and floaters destroy bigger targets when the opportunity arrives.

The POV competition was one of those games where you took punishments in an effort to try and win the game. Frank cannot play in the next 2 HOH competitions (whether or not the normal exemption for outgoing HOH’s count as one of the two remains to be seen) plus some beautiful chum baths, Danielle and Britney are shackled together for 24 hours, and Dan had earned a 24 hour isolation with disco music blaring. And that all should make for good TV come Wednesday.


One thought on “Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

  1. Dan seems to have issues following through on plans period and maybe he should be the one to go home this week I’ve been recording all of the episodes so far on my Hopper and with the PrimeTime Anytime enabled it will record anything I want on CBS during prime time. It comes in pretty handy considering that I’m awfully forgetful and I’ve forgotten to set my DVR several times. A Dish co-worker told me about PrimeTime Anytime and once I got to see it in action I signed up. I think that your break down of who is most likely to win is not only right on the money but it also puts things about the show in perspective.

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