Dan The Targeted Man

The nominees have been chosen by Head of Household Frank Eudy, and today produced a major surprise via Pandora’s Box.

Dan Gheesling and Danielle Murphee were the nominees, as expected, and it’s becoming clear that this is not the Dan who won season ten. More on that momentarily.

Pandora’s Box was revealed to the group. At stake was a cash prize won by Frank of $3,333.33, but Ian took the biggest prize there was, an additional veto, with powers not fully clear until this airs Sunday night. But that means Ian can’t play in the regularly scheduled veto competition Saturday, meaning someone else will also hold a veto. Two vetoes in play in one week.

Now, back to Dan, who apparently blew a gasket in the house today for a couple of minutes. He apparently yelled at Ian “rat your ass out” or something like that, according to the followers on Twitter. The Sunday night CBS show may or may not shed light on this, but in Dan’s own blog, one of his entries centers around never blowing up in the Big Brother house. Apparently, Mr. Integrity violated his own rule. So I wouldn’t be shocked that if he fails to win the veto, he goes to the jury come Thursday. A very telling day for the former champ. Hell, no one is perfect, not even Dan. Still like him, still want to get his book.

Frank made a strategic blunder as well tonight by not nominating Ian. Even with this bonus veto, by not putting Ian up, Ian is now free to use his veto on somebody else if he so chose. Had Frank nominated Ian anyhow, it would have forced him to save himself.

Speaking of Ian not using the veto, it got out earlier tonight that the producers don’t want Ian to use the bonus veto. I wish the hell that the producers would quit meddling in the game. It is absolutely true that it’s their show and their game, but they need to knock off the shenanigans. Their fans might go to that other Big Brother-like show that the network the show isn’t on runs.


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