Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

A lot to go over tonight…

Mike Boogie and Ashley were the two that went home tonight, Ian Terry won the seventh Head of Household, with his legend growing by leaps and bounds as the night went on. First, he outed himself as the mastermind behind Mike’s ouster, then took his best shot at executing Frank Eudy, nominating him and Ashley. But, Frank had other ideas, winning the Power Of Veto a record tying third time. He took himself off the block, and Ian placed Joe Arvin up as his replacement nominee. Ashley, after a babbling and slurring final speech, lost the eviction vote to Joe 5-1, keeping Joe in and sealing Ashley’s fate as the first juror.

The new Head of Household competition did not take place as the show went off the air, and by rule, it cannot be Ian.

What a night, folks. Britney Haynes also stole the show with her farewell greeting to Mike Boogie, mocking him with a Chilltown phone call like Boogie and Dr. Will did so often in season seven.

Frank’s now all alone for the most part in the game. Ian didn’t take the big man out, but he’s almost crippled now. Maybe he can get help from Jenn, but even that won’t keep him in the game. He will need big time help from here on out.


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