Calm Before The Storm

Some thoughts before the live double eviction tonight:

It’s a forgone conclusion that the Boogie Boy is going home, and if he thought getting blindsided by Ian Terry this week was a shocker, it seems his legal troubles are mounting. Normally, I would say the opposite about what I said about Janelle, wondering if she would ever do Big Brother again. Looks like she’s coming back when the next all-star season comes around, which may be next year. I would tend to think Mike would come back for sure, but Uncle Sam may have his say on that matter.

Watched the CBS show this morning, hoping it would shed light on the talk in the house that there was cheating going on in the Power Of Veto game as alleged by some other houseguests and admitted by Frank and Boogie themselves in recent days. Well, I should have known better than to think the TV show would provide clarity on the matter, for it didn’t.

I’ve been taking to calling Britney Haynes “The Virus” lately. As Diana Watt correctly pointed out on her site, she’s infected everyone else’s game to the point where she might be walking away with 500K at the end. She has a shield in front of her in Danielle, maybe two or three when you add Dan Gheesling and Shane Meaney to the mix.

Speaking of Dan and Shane, these double evictions are crap shoots. It’s like playing a baseball game immediately jumping to the 10th inning with a tied score. It favors those in the house that can make fast decisions and snap judgements.  Ian has positioned himself very well as we move into the final nine and final eight by night’s end. He’s banking that the two sides taking each other down one by one while he remains unscathed in the middle.

Big Brother seasons are like snowflakes. No two are the same. And so far, this is not a game that has gone to conventional wisdom. Bigger targets have been taken out, instead of used as shields by the other houseguests. Wouldn’t be surprised if this continues tonight and sends a bigger player home after Boogie.

More tonight after the live show.


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