The Last Days Of The Era Of Boogie

The POV meeting took place…

…and Frank Eudy took himself off the block, as expected, replaced by Jenn Arroyo, how has been the most quiet of the remaining houseguests this season. Head of Household Shane Meaney apparently said something that riled up Frank and the now likely to be departed Mike “Boogie” Malin at the POV sitdown. Malin made allegations shortly afterwards that Meaney was the “bitch” of Dan Gheesling, which Meaney deflected.

Frank and Boogie then sat in chairs right next to Gheesling, verbally haranguing him while Dan just read his bible and said little else.

Boogie’s going home, folks. It’s that simple. We’ve already seen that this group of houseguests will attack the veterans if even a hint of a jugular vein is exposed, as was the case when Janelle Pierzina went home.

They won’t hestitate to send Boogie packing. The only way Boogie wins now is if a meteor hits the Big Brother house and he somehow survives it, even with Jenn fuming as she currently is this Monday afternoon.

The only questions left this week are where this places Ian Terry, and how much of a credibility hit Dan takes.


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