Shenanigans And Accusations

No Boogie, you can’t hit that reset button now…you’re nominated.

The following entry contains spoiler material, so you are hereby forewarned. After all, one of my duties as a Big Brother blogger is to remind you of this.

Every season of Big Brother for the last several seasons contains a point where I get jaded. Last year’s point was when Brendon re-entered the house via Allison’s Vote. Oh, I’m sorry, I meant America’s Vote.

This year’s moment has now come, and it hasn’t gone yet.

We’re in what I call the “Jury Bubble” week, where the person eliminated goes home to friends and family, and not to a jury house somewhere a stone’s throw away from LA, either in Mexico or California usually. Everyone is fighting to be on that final nine, so they can be either a juror or a finalists. Who goes where remains to be seen.

As you saw on the CBS show tonight, Boogie and Frank are up, as Shane Meaney yet again wants to make a big move. What most of you don’t know at this point is that Frank won POV, but under controversial circumstances. There were allegations from at least of couple of the houseguests (mainly Joe Arvin) that Frank and/or Boogie cheated during the contest. The Diary Room turned around and decreed that yes, Frank did cheat, but that the cheating did not change the outcome of Frank winning, so they let the outcome stand as was.

Wait. What?

A totally bogus explanation from production about this. If you didn’t disqualify Frank for cheating, then the outcome WAS altered. No two ways about it, folks. Production, whether it admits it or not, gave Frank a nudge in that competition.

And I actually like Frank in this game. He plays a good villain, just like his dad did in his wrestling days. Totally OK with that and that style of play. If he wins season fourteen of Big Brother, so be it. What I really don’t want to see is another winner be tainted like Evel Dick Donato was when he won season eight.

The integrity of the contest…where is it? Is Allison Grodner running an above board contest here, or is this a talent agency disguised as a realty show?


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