Fear And Loathing In Studio City

The POV winner has now been determined by the live feeders after a nearly or just about seven hour break in the feeds.  Your winner is…

…Frank Eudy.

Frank is showing why people fear him in this game with this clutch win. He wins his second straight veto, and will no doubt pull himself off of the block come Monday. We have now gone 43 days into season fourteen and only four people have won any competitions, not counting coaches challenges. Shane Meaney, Danielle Murphee, Willie Hantz, and Frank, and that’s all.

Ian Terry, the boy genius of the season, came away incensed at Ashley Iocco. She apparently made a huge error in the POV game, and according to Ian, may deserve to go because of it.

We now know that Shane, Britney, and Frank (provided he vetoes himself off) will move into the final nine, which is big because those nine determine the outcome of the season. Five more become safe when Shane makes his replacement nominee decision Monday, again provided Frank vetos himself and not Boogie, which I can’t see happening. Then whoever is not evicted Thursday night becomes the last member of the final nine.

And then Thursday night, it all begins and ends again with a fast forward round.

Big time boos to the production staff for not putting the live feeds back up faster, but they enjoy messing with the people who line their pockets. Dingo over at Hamster Watch is talking about another boycott of the CBS show tomorrow night.

Might not be a bad idea.


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