Quack, Quack

A perfect description of this showmance. Shane minding his own business, Danielle staring a hole through him.

And your nominees are….

…Frank Eudy and Mike “Boogie” Malin. Eudy ties the “penthouse or the outhouse” record for either being nominated at some point during the week or being HOH for his sixth straight week, set by Jerry McDonald in BB10. Malin is now the second houseguest nominated in three different seasons, a feat first performed by Janelle Pierzina 11 days ago. Ian Terry, Britney Haynes, Jenn Arroyo, and Dan Gheesling are still yet to be nominated at any point in this season so far.

Head of Household Shane Meaney had a choice to make. Being in two different alliances, he decide to stick with the Quack Pack over his now revealed to be dummy alliance, the Silent Six. He could have also chose to be true to both by nominating some other people, so taking this shot and Frank and Boogie had better count, or he becomes a target himself in the turbo eviction round Thursday night or beyond.

Pardon me for not feeling to badly for Boogie if he goes. The dude is a multi-millionaire with his restaurant franchises. Should he leave the game at this point, I think he’ll do just fine.

As Shane speculated earlier today, don’t be shocked if Mike wins Power of Veto that he saves Frank rather than himself. I think that’s a rather intelligent insight from Mr. Meaney.

The house had an outdoor lock down briefly before nomination ceremonies, where five balls had escaped the claw arcade machine. Inside the machine sat a cube with a question mark on it.

How does this play out? My guess is that it has something to do with the Power Of Veto game held sometime tomorrow.  Stay tuned, because I don’t think Frank and Boogie will take these nominations all that well.


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