Wil Overpowered

The facts of the live show are these:

Wil Heuser became the 11th place finisher tonight, losing the vote to stay in the house to Joe Arvin 6-2. Joe survives his second eviction vote and yet again lives to fight another day. The HOH contest was ongoing as the show left the air. The game has some interesting twists to it, as they go back and forth trying to fill a container with liquid, the first doing so becoming the new Head Of Household. But, they could also fill two secondary jugs: one marked “safety” and the other marked “$10K.” The first to do as such wins those prizes, with the safety jug offering immunity to the first houseguest who fills it from the threat of nominations. But, if someone fills the HOH jug before the other two jugs, those prizes cannot be won.

The show seemed to be filled with a lot of fluff tonight. Jeff Schroeder, a contestant during seasons 11 and 13 was on, promoting his CBS.com show with the evicted houseguest each Friday, which we later found out to be Wil. Jeff was also a houseguest who went on a homophobic rant over the Dumbledore character in the Harry Potter book and movie series. And this is who the show wants to promote? Seemed like they could have made better choices. I’m a heterosexual man, but I can’t stand homophobia and other sorts of bigotry.

As the live show wound down, host Julie Chen revealed what we all have been speculating on: next week will be a double eviction week, which will start with one houseguest evicted, and end with another one gone. So the field goes down from 10 to 8 in one night.

Should be fun.


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