Never A Doubt

And so, the HOH competition has ended.

There was never a doubt who the winner of this competition was going to be as Shane Meaney dominated wire to wire to win his second Head of Household competition. He had a big lead from the start and never looked back. The rest of the field knew it too, as they kept asking Shane what CD he was going to get once he got back into the HOH room. And so Shane will be safe for the week and will either be on the jury or a finalist.

But there were other prizes up for grabs. Britney Haynes filled up the safety jug first, so she cannot be nominated or evicted, so she also is a lock for at least being a member of the jury for a second time. Mike “Boogie” Malin locked up the $10,000 jug, giving him $16,000 for the season so far on top of his guaranteed stipend rumored to be $15,000 to $20,000. He also won $500,000 for winning Big Brother All-Stars in 2006.

And with Shane now once again HOH, everyone will scramble in the next day to make their battle plans for the next week. Seeing Shane putting Frank on the block previously, will he try and do so again this time around? Tonight and tomorrow is shaping up to be an very interesting period of time.




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