The Prodigal Zingbot


I’ve watched Big Brother for most of the fourteen seasons it’s been on. There are some weeks that are action-packed, and there are some weeks where you have missed opportunities and a lot of inaction disguised as action. And this was definitely one of the latter.

This episode marked the return of the Zingbot 3000, a wisecracking robot who roasts the other houseguests. Zinger got off a great line on Danielle Murphee during the televised ribbing, telling her that Shane Meaney will have a post-show present for her: a restraining order. ZING!

I didn’t catch most of the televised portion of Big Brother last season, but Zingbot, I think you’re a keeper.

Meanwhile, we had a consolidation of power yet again, as Frank Eudy won the POV fresh off of winning HOH. Prior to this season, the HOH/POV double had never been accomplished more than once in row, and here we have it happening a third straight time. We’d never had the HOH holder win POV and then change the nominees more than once in row, and last week it happened a second successive time to oust Janelle Pierzina from the game.

So, would Frank revisit perhaps backdooring Dan? Yes, he thought about it at the behest of nominee Wil Heuser, but in the end, it was deemed too big a move too early by Frank’s unofficial guru Mike “Boogie” Malin. The nominees stay the same, and Wil is swearing revenge in the Diary Room end of show teasers, with that other nominee Joe Arvin breathing easy but still yelling loudly.

The problem is Wil has a shorter life in the game than his hair extensions. Look for him to go (somewhere in between 6-2 to 8-0) and look for some intensity next week as the houseguests fight not to be the last non-juror out of the house.


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