The Despicables

Joe Arvin appeared to be the target going in to the week, but as usually happens, plans have changed.

To be honest, it’s a dull time in the Big Brother house, although the game seems to have moments of greatness surrounded by moments of utter boredom. It looked like Joe would be the target, but a very cocky Wil Heuser has changed those plans and seems to be in the sights of HOH Frank, with the approval of handler Mike “Boogie” Malin. It’s the few days before “Jury Bubble Week” begins, where the next to last non-juror will be eliminated on Thursday night, then the last non-juror the next week. After that, the last nine will either be jurors or one of the two finalists.

To show you how non-exciting the feeds are, the most exciting moment (and I should also add the most gross moment) came when Britney Haynes had a conversation with Danielle Murphee, accusing Joe of…. ummm… pleasuring himself. Britney said she could smell Joe’s semen, and that’s how she knew. Can we move on now?

Notice how Frank and Mike do seem to have a tinge of conflict within them. Frank, for one, wanted to put Dan Gheesling up on the block, while Mike was put in the unusual role of being the voice of moderation. One thing seems clear: this Silent Six alliance will not last. Too many prima donna personalities in there. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Frank and Mike butt heads later on in the game in a very big way. Frank is no Will Kirby, and he’s got a little bit of his dad’s mean streak in him.

Will anyone make a big move this close to jury? We shall see.


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