In Support Of The Strike

I won’t be watching tonight’s CBS Big Brother episode to throw support to Dingo’s strike against the show. The cause deserves support, and I choose to support it.

I won’t be posting a review of tonight’s Big Brother episode until tomorrow.

Watching the past couple of nights of Big Brother After Dark (which I learned you can find torrented on the Web) has made me aware to what’s been going on in the house. Out of the 3 hours of BBAD, 10% of it is censored, which comes out to about 18 minutes of a 3 hour show. Usually this is tolerable, but throw in some of the unusual comments made by houseguests (Boogie openly commenting about producer Don Wollman being his mentor, for one) and some questionable technical errors (like the Diary Room gaffe leading to the revelation of Dan Gheesling’s alliance, and the non-discussion of it afterwards under production orders) has me shaking my head.

Then we had the curious comments of Jerry D’Alessandro, who adamantly denied the Dan/DR incident was anything more than a technical issue to Andy Dehnart over at Reality Blurred. It seemed to me as if the protests by Mr. D’Alessandro were a bit too adamant. While it did not affect the outcome that turned out to be Janelle Pierzina’s eviction from the game, how do we know the gaffe won’t kick Dan in the butt at some point in the future?

For the most part, I did not watch BB the last four seasons prior to this one. I watched about the first half of BB10 on YouTube a couple of seasons after the fact. I knew next to nothing about Britney Haynes and BB12. I thought doing a blog about this season after the break of this season would be a good idea, because the longer this series goes, the chances seem to go up that the show will become extinct. It’s a summer replacement series that has to do very little in the ratings to be marketable and profitable.

Those of you who are threatening Dan’s wife and the other HG’s playing this game: one question for you, if I may. Is THIS who you want to be remembered?!? It’s not worth it. Don’t hate the players. Hate the game.

Maybe we should be more fired up about other things than a TV show in our lives. Maybe we should be more concerned about the political process in this country, and how each political party’s core seems to defeat it’s own purposes. Ditto how the rich in this country only seem to want to be richer, leaving scraps to the rest of us.

But a TV reality show that constantly thumbs it’s nose at us, especially one that some of us pay for (thankfully, not me), it’s not the worst starting place for a little mutiny.

If you want to support the strike, all you do is one thing: don’t watch the CBS Big Brother episode tonight. Watch it later on Quirkydude’s Big Brother Archive site…that would be my recommendation. (It used to have every episode of every season, now it just has episodes of seasons one, two, and the current season up.) Don’t store the episode on your DVR. Time to send a message that the show needs changes.


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