After Dark

Prior to tonight, I had never seen a Big Brother After Dark episode before. I get basic cable where I live, no HBO, no Showtime. But I had a chance to catch last night’s BBAD held after Janelle left the house a couple of hours earlier.

The only piece of spoiler material that took place was Frank’s second HOH room christening, and it was good to see something so condensed on the CBS feed in a longer form. I do wish CBS would edit the BB TV shows like they do on the UK version. The CBS show often edits things out of the original context, whereas the UK version shows everything that takes place in a given instance within its original context. A big difference.

The last 10 minutes or so had no action, as the houseguests were all asleep by that point, all tuckered out from a busy Thursday. Although Shane, Ian, and Wil played a little hide and seek peek-a-boo game with Danielle and Jenn just before that point. All in good fun.

Now if they could only get that Big Brother theme out of their heads…


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