Attack On The Queen Bee

The third time in the house was not the charm for Janelle, but she went out with class.

It just wasn’t Janelle’s Big Brother season, but it sure appears to be the season of Frank Eudy. Psycho Sid’s baby boy, unitard and all, is the first houseguest this season to win a second HOH, while Janelle, as many live followers expected, exited in 12th place after a 8-1 vote to evict her.

Don’t be totally shocked and appalled if Joe Arvin is in Frank’s sights this week. Everyone was thinking that before Janelle’s eviction, but the production gaffe early this afternoon that exposed Dan Gheesling’s “Secret Six” alliance just might wind up sealing Arvin’s fate in the roundabout way Big Brother likes to do things. Whacking Joe ties up any conspiratorial loose ends, so look for it.

High praise for Janelle for taking her eviction with grace and dignity, even if she called Mike Boogie a douchebag, which was muted out. I highly suspect tonight was Janie’s swan song for the show, and after a record (currently) of 177 days in the house over three seasons, it is a well deserved retirement. She just wasn’t the Janelle we’re used to seeing, and I think her becoming a new mother months before the season started had a lot to do with it.

Big Brother loves to push the showmances, don’t they? And now that the Shane/Danielle showmance has been proven a fraud, they’re pushing an Ian/Ashley pairing on us. Showmances are almost as old as the show is, going back to Josh and Jordan (briefly) in season one, and Will and Shannon in season two. Trust me, this too shall not last.

When will they do a double eviction week? Well, I think they may do only two. There are 41 days left in the season if the season ends September 19, and they could probably keep five in the house up until September 13th, do a live show on the 16th, and then the 3 HG finale on the 19th.

A lot more game left to go, so stay tuned.


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