Turnabout Is Fair Play

My, oh my. How quickly things can change in Big Brother land.

We went from newbies who looked like they were dumber than stumps to seeing the best player never to win Big Brother fairly close to her own eviction. Janelle Pierzina went from being scot free to being the first houseguest in show history to be nominated in three different seasons and extending her all-time nominations record to 12.

Current Head of Household Danielle Murphee will be credited for her execution if she leaves Thursday night, but score huge assists to the other three coaches: Dan, Britney, and Mike Boogie. A perfect storm seemed to come together to cause Janelle’s possible demise, and what the group thought were lies caught up to her.

Yes, I said what they think are lies. Remember, Danielle has been deceptive in this game from the start, telling the group she was a teacher when it fact she’s a nurse that moonlights as a model. (Of course, the producers haven’t told us that “model” part either, but that’s nothing new for them.) If someone comes in and says A, B, and C to her, it somehow winds up being X, Y, and Z. What can I say? There’s no rules against this kind of deceptive play, never has been, hopefully never will be. And that’s how you have a liar about ready to put the dagger in the back of the great Janelle.

All the Janelle haters and lovers, do me a favor. Take a chill pill. Twitter is abuzz with a “Save Janelle” campaign. No matter what happens in the game or behind the scenes, it’s not our game. It’s the game run by producers at the CBS compound in Studio City, California. They don’t cater to us, they haven’t since the first Big Brother in 2000. Understand that. Whatever reasons there are to evict Janelle, whether it be the game or behind the scenes (remember I said a week ago that Janelle about her interactions with production?), they will evict who they want to evict when they want to evict them.

They all fall in the round Allison Grodner calls, to coin a famous Muhammad Ali phrase.

We all made a big deal about Mike Boogie working without his safety net, Dr. Will Kirby. You also have to remember that Janelle had Howie Gordon and James Rhine to work with on her seasons each time. She has to interact without them now as well. Mike seems to be flourishing in Will’s absence. Janelle, not so much.

It should be quite an eviction night tomorrow, maybe one of the best the Big Brother series has ever had so early in a season. Janelle looks like she’s gone, but you can never count out someone like her the way she plays.


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