If I Were The Producer

Becky Hannon of this season’s version of Big Brother UK, evicted on August 3rd.

Most of us that have watched the show seem to have this fantasy. What would we do if we ever had the chance to produce the show?

Let me share with you my ideas.

First, the show would be much more like Big Brother UK in that it would be a cross section of America. I’d have a few models, actors, and actresses here and there, but they wouldn’t dominate the case as we seem to see every year. Maybe have a silicone-free season. That wouldn’t be a bad idea, if you ask me.  Maybe have a public vote (not one of these sham votes either the show’s done recently) out of 32 semi-finalists to find eight men and eight women to go into the house.

Secondly, I’d tweak the gameplay a little bit. Instead of there being two nominees, I’d have two nominees put up by the Head Of Household, then I’d have the non-nominees vote on who the third nominee is. If there’s a tie, I’d have a re-vote, and then some random draw if that failed to resolve the matter.

The Power Of Veto contest would be a little different. No random drawing to decide who else plays. It would be just be the HOH and the three nominees. But my twist would be that the veto must be used, and that there would be no replacement. Three nominees would become two for the rest of that week, with the eviction taking place as normal.

I would only have one Head Of Household competition, and that would be to determine the first one. The following HOH’s would be the nominee that survives the eviction vote. Nominations would have to be strategically done, because if you put up two patsies, one in nominations, and one in the post-nominee vote to find what I’d call “nominee three” then there’s always chance the target could win POV and really foul things up.

So there’s my thoughts, I’m sure you out there in cyberspace have your own. But I think we can all do better than the current production regime, in our own little minds.


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