Lions Looking For Weak Antelope

Frank Eudy is nominated a third time, but he can dodge bullets, baby.

After Thursday’s live eviction night which didn’t evict anybody, which hasn’t happened since season two in 2001, I took a respite from the blog. There was a lot of criticism of the twist to reset the house, and deservedly so. To put this in sports terms, this is like putting a novice fighter in the ring against Mike Tyson in his prime. And oh by the way, if you go the distance against Tyson, you automatically lose.

The August 5th episode of Let’s Give Janelle 500K…. oops, I mean Big Brother starts where things left off Thursday with newly formed dozen walking the plank. Danielle Murphee held on the longest amongst the water and the mock poop, and after all the obligatory strategy and ceremony, put Frank Eudy and Wil Heuser under the gun, nominating each for eviction.

What it really didn’t show was the constant hen pecking going on by the coaches, pressuring Danielle not to put them up. Dan Gheesling, who is still working as an unofficial coach to Dani, didn’t even want the surly Mike “Boogie” Malin going on the block. The advice from his standpoint is incredibly sound, thinking if Boogie goes out, the newbies just might get the idea to throw himself out. And the brainwashing sessions work, with Danielle parroting “he must go, he must go” referring to Frank.  OK, why? What has he done to earn that place? And why is Wil up, for that matter? The show really didn’t do a good job explaining this at great length.

Now, if you’re a newbie in that house, and you see all these former players entering the game, why the hell wouldn’t you want to band together and make sure they go home one by one? It defies any form of logic, but Big Brother often defies any form of logic. Why on earth didn’t the housemates get together and talk to Danielle without the coaches following her? Britney’s now joined at the hip with Danielle, and her game will suffer for it, eventually.

Mark my words, the path will be cleared for Janelle Pierzina to win the game. She is like the 1980’s female rock singer of your choice, whether it be Stevie Nicks, Pat Benetar, Kim Carnes and so on (my personal favorite was Bonnie Tyler, but that’s a long story.) Janelle isn’t what she once was, but people will still pay to see her sing. The producers know it, and they will move heaven and earth to get her close enough to win.

Why is it the nomination ceremonies all have the same phrases, by the way? Yes Dani, we know that one of your duties as HOH is to put two people up for eviction. You could dress robots up as the various houseguests, and the nomination ceremonies would probably be slightly more interesting. The best nomination ceremonies were in the second season when the nominated houseguests could speak their displeasure at being put up. Now a days, these ceremonies are just so antiseptic.

Maybe things will change during the week, but right now these newbies need a big time kick in the ass. Or, as Robert DeNiro said in Casino, the returning HGs will be lions looking for weak antelope. The feast appears to be well underway.


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