Throwing A Curveball

A Twitter poster named Gianni862 has the Big Brother game as we presently know it perfectly described in a nutshell. That’s producer Allison Grodner being parodied.

So we were all led to believe that either Joe Arvin or Frank Eudy would be evicted tonight from Big Brother land, and that a twist would be introduced after the eviction that would put the coaches into the game as players.

As it turned out, we all had the order all wrong. The coaches decision was first, and 3 of the 4 coaches want in as houseguests, even though only one had to agree. So neither Frank or Joe go home tonight, and the game begins anew.

If you’ve all been following what I’ve said the past week (and thanks to those of you who have), I’ve been saying that the America’s Vote really doesn’t matter, because we have all asked a leading and deceptive question. Why else would we be shown what the houseguests have been speculating about? The answer turning out to be “yes” was a forgone conclusion. So much so that hostess Julie Chen didn’t even give the percentage of “America” who voted yes for the re-entry.

No way we can get an audit of this vote, I suppose. Right, Allison?

It was also deceiving because if “America” had voted yes, we were not allowed to know the mechanics of what would happen afterwards. We were also not allowed to know if voting yes voided the eviction vote between Frank and Joe, for an example among other things.

And so the game moves on, with a Head Of Household competition well underway as the TV show left the air.

People are either going to love the twist or hate it, and I get that. A Twitter poster by the handle of Colette Lala mentioned something very true on one of the more recent BBGossip Saturday Night shows.  No matter what reality show CBS has, they always seem to treat the viewers like school children yet to go through puberty. Tonight was no different, and quite frankly, the deceptive way the twist was put together makes me wonder why I wasn’t given anal protection from such a serious fucking.

I mean, if you’re going to do that to me, at least tell me you love me. Or something.


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