A Season On The Brink

There’s usually one moment in the course of a Big Brother season that marks a turning point. In the next 24 hours, the season will have not just one turning point, but two.

We have two high-quality players awaiting their fate in Joe Arvin and Frank Eudy. Eudy was placed on the block when current king of all competitions, Shane Meaney, voided Ashley’s nomination and sent him up. Whoever survives this vote should still be in the house a month form now.

That ties in to this second turning point. We have Janelle lobbying very hard to get Frank evicted, because there are high expectations in the past week that the coaches will be entering the game. Live feed viewers have noted the past few days that Janelle has quelled any talk about this with the houseguests currently being coached. She’s gone as far as lying about her negotiations with the producers, which is not allowed, but apparently somewhat tolerated.

To believe Janelle’s story as she tells it in the house is to believe the producers double-crossed her, which is possible, just not very credible. Why would someone who has played the game twice allow herself to be put in that position? And if Janelle was double-crossed, it also turns what soon will be the non-coaching houseguests against her. Remember, if they all come in it will be 7 against the 4 coaches, assuming the non-coaches come together. And if the puppets turn against their masters, the coaches are in deep shit.

It will probably make for great TV, though.  Janelle might be the Michael Phelps of Big Brother, but as the great fighter Joe Louis might say, she can run, but she can’t hide.


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