The Scouting Report

Ian Terry is playing a great game so far. Can he keep it up?

So we’re now 24 days into season fourteen. Seems longer, doesn’t it?

Time to size up the remaining field, starting with the competing houseguests, concluding with the probably soon to be competing coaches.


IAN: The star of the show so far, kind of an apprentice Jedi. How deep he goes depends on the coaches twist, and how that all plays out.

SHANE: Thinks he’s the star of the show, but as soon as he fails to win a Head of Household or a Power Of Veto competition, he’s toast. Problem is, that might take a while.

WIL: Moving up the charts. Whether the Diary Room feeds him those zingers on the TV shows or not, he’s got personality. Will also go deep in the game, barring a major fumble.

JENN: A quiet floater. I think she has to catch a break to go to the end.

ASHLEY: The resident crazy lady. Part distant, part insane. Probably will go deeper than she should because she’s good TV, but I don’t see her winning.

DANIELLE: Would be the resident crazy lady if not for Ashley. Sympathetic character, because she likes Shane and Shane doesn’t like her on a similar level.

JOE: Might luck out and go a week or to more, or might go deep in the game. His “prison bitch” style of play will be the telling factor.

FRANK: About to be power-bombed out of the house with a shocking heel turn (a wrestler who turns from a hero to a villain, for those who don’t follow rasslin’) by Shane. Frank’s dad knows a few things about those sort of things.


BOOGIE: Didn’t like him in BB2 or BB7, but is a lot more likable now on his own now that he’s not in Dr. Will Kirby’s shadow. The resident storyteller among the coaches. If all the coaches go in, the battle will be between Janelle and him as to who goes the farthest.

JANELLE: Liked her in BB6 and BB7, but I find her a lot more callous and selfish now. She holds all or part of all the major Big Brother records, so she will be a force to be reckoned with in the game, and as we saw with Willie’s ejection, probably behind the scenes as well.

DAN: Didn’t watch the last half of BB10, but seems to be a master of subtle maneuvering. Could be a wild card if he enters as a houseguest.

BRITNEY: Didn’t watch BB12, so I can’t say I understand why she’s there. The worst of the coaches, too bossy, clingy, and inflexible. If all the coaches enter as houseguests, she should be the first picked off.


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