The Shane Show

Eight episodes of season fourteen have now come and gone, and in this blogger’s opinion the show is deteriorating rapidly.

My apologies to Willie Hantz. At first, I thought Willie was a bad dude. But remember, we’re dealing with Big Brother editing here.  And I’m starting to think that if their editing, sooner or later they’ll try to tell you that the Easter Bunny is real, as is the Tooth Fairy, and that Santa Claus visits billions of homes on Christmas Eve at midnight.

The show misses Willie BADLY, which I did mean to capitalize. My hope was, as “Evel” Dick Donato also thought, is that the coaches would accelerate the game. Maybe that was true the first couple of weeks, but instead the game has turned more passive. Most of the decisions and votes have been along party lines, and no one has made a move in the game yet. You have what would normally be a bunch of conservative players turned ultra-conservative. Newt Gingrich kind of conservative.

In light of conservative play, those who dare to play to win are doubly rewarded. Enter Shane Meaney, who’s winning almost everything in sight. He took the HOH crown, and as tonight’s show ends on Day 21 with the very scripted and robotic nomination ceremonies, Joe Arvin and Ashley Iocco are on the block. Janelle won a very 1980’s like coaches competition, saving Wil Heuser from nominations.

Somehow, I don’t think Joe is going home yet, based on the current events the show hasn’t revealed yet. If Joe were to go, and if the producers could get rid of anybody they wanted, Joe would be the perfect fit. It would tie up the loose ends left over from Joe’s fight with Willie. Note that Joe wasn’t marked up by Willie’s supposed four head butts. No marks, no bruising and swelling on his head. Nor has it been really shown on TV that Joe really egged Willie on, and that Janelle encouraged Joe to egg him on.

Could it be that Willie was ejected for knowing too much, and that the physical confrontation (such as it was), may have been the cover to get rid of him? If he organized a revolution against the coaches, it would kill the coaches twist the producers certainly knew was going to take place. There have been similar incidents of near-violence in the house before that didn’t result in ejections. Why such a ticky-tack call now unless the producers had other motives? And prior to the Willie-Joe fight, why wasn’t Willie not allowed not to go into the Diary Room? Seems like they wanted him to explode on someone.

Joe Arvin, meet Krista Stegall.

Speaking of the twist, I continue to preach either voting no or not voting at all. CBS, Julie Chen, and the producers all have a vested interest in asking this kind of leading question. They are going to put the coaches in anyways, as I’ve previously stated, and they have the house divided so that the coaches can conquer it. It will be easy pickings.

If I wasn’t blogging about Big Brother, I’d be done with it right now. The show had such promise this season, and now it’s turned to total shit.


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