None Of The Above

Janelle and the three other coaches could wind up back in the house come Thursday night.  Why is this even being put to a vote?

If any of you are looking for advice on how to vote on America’s Vote, I’d say don’t vote at all.  Save your money, or save your Facebook personal page space.

As Dingo on Hamster Watch quite correctly points out, the actual vote will not matter. They’re going to put the coaches in anyways, and that was the plan since day one. The reason why they’re asking our permission is so that we can take the blame is the coaches coming in twist is a flop.  Which it will be.

I think Janelle Pierzina is one of the great players in BB history, as is Mike, and I’d put Dan in that category.  Britney seems to be there just to be there. But do we really need to see Janelle extend all of her records? Be evicted a third time, nominated a 12th time and beyond, and so on? Chocolate ice cream is a favorite of mine, but I don’t eat it every hour of every day. You get bored with it. And I think America will get bored with the “reruns” doing everything all over again.

And if the twist is a flop, will Big Brother continue on in the United States? Yes, I really did say that. They hesitate to bring in a cast of all new contestants, which they haven’t done now since BB12. A better hope is that the show finds new producers, which I have a hard time seeing happening. Could the show wind up on a cable outlet with limited live feeds, ala The Glass House? Certainly possible.

As I said last year on YouTube, the show is beginning to show it’s age, and it’s not getting any younger.


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