BBUK’s Queen Of Mean

On the UK version of Big Brother, Caroline Wharram was evicted last night.

She knew she was going to be evicted, but in her departure, a 20 year old former boarding school student named Caroline Wharram went out with a blaze of glory.

For those of us in the United States, think back to BB1, when the houseguests had a grocery challenge each week.  Winning the challenge resulted in more money for groceries, losing the challenge put the house on a shoestring budget.  They still do that on the other Big Brother shows worldwide, while our version went to a hit-or-miss format with the food where members of the house or the entire house could wind up on slop (it was peanut butter and jelly only the first few seasons after season two) for a week depending on the game and the stakes.

The BBUK house won their food challenge, so they had 550 pounds (about $850) to spend amongst ten people.  The members of the house discuss what should be on the list, and one of the housemates reads off the list in the diary room.  Caroline was the “officer” in charge of reciting the list, but instead of ordering what everyone wanted, she orders a considerable amount of the budget on chocolate.  (Go to the eight minute mark of the video clip for all the gory details.)

Nothing but chocolate, chocolate spread, biscuits, pancakes, peanut butter and popcorn. By spending everything on those items, everything else the house wanted has to be given to them in small rations.

Needless to say, her fellow housemates weren’t amused for the most part with this prank. And needless to say, the public, who in BB UK is still in charge of who stays and who goes, whisked Caroline out of the house and gave her a loud chorus of boos.

Caroline Wharram, meet Shannon Dragoo.  Shannon, Caroline.


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