Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

The second live eviction night of Big Brother 14 has come and gone.  And this episode had me scratching my head.

Jojo Spatafora was dead on when she basically said it was an eviction that didn’t make any sense.  If you could get rid of one houseguest, or get rid of a houseguest and a coach, which would you do?  Seems like this was another behind-the-scenes showbiz call to me. And before you put a tin-foil hat on me, look at what happened tonight from the end to the start.  Julie Chen revealed that the game-changing twist was whether or not we the public should elect to put the coaches in the game, or not.

Rewind a moment.  Note how just before Julie gave the vote tally that she really emphasized that if Danielle was evicted, Dan’s return to the Big Brother house was over.  Now, if you could control the outcome of the show, wouldn’t it be in your vested interested to keep Dan around, and thus keep Danielle around? Because if they just so happened to catch a break, Dan turns from a coach to a houseguest.

Fast forward a bit.  Now, apply that same logic to the Head Of Household competition, which was a hockey like shooting contest.  While everybody had the opportunity to practice leading up to it, such an event tilts the playing field to an athletically inclined contestant.  And after the first two stages of BB14, we now know that fits Shane Meaney to a tee.  And sure enough, he wins.  And sure enough, he will attack the “Boognelle” block of six that’s done so well up until now.

One of my biggest gripes about the live HOH competitions is that most of them are decided in 10 minutes or thereabouts.  When Joe Arvin did a whole bunch of stutter starts that would make the Ed Norton character of the old Honeymooners proud, it didn’t seem to please Mrs. Moonves…errr, Julie, who told Joe, then Jenn Arroyo to get going with their shots.  The live shows are like American Idol’s results shows.  People tune in to watch to events happen relatively quickly.  The rest is all fluff.  I wish the producers would give the competitions two segments as they do with the live voting that can be done much quicker.

Now, on to this farce of an America’s Vote.  I’m going to tell you right now, the vote will be a yes, let the coaches play, even if we really don’t want it.  Back on August 12, 2011, I did a video about how I felt the re-entry of Brendon Villegas on BB13 was probably a farcical exercise.

OK, I said a little more than that.

By showing the talk amongst the houseguests about the coaches entering the game as full fledged contestants later on, they contaminated the jury: us.  Why even ask this question of us, really?  Why are Allison Grodner and company so interested in giving US a decision, since they’ve taken so much away from the public since BB1?  So we are to blame if they’re put in, or not put in?

It’s also a leading question from the standpoint that if the coaches become houseguests, what will the procedure be?  Will they still compete for $100,000 on the side, given to the last former “coach” standing.  By becoming houseguests, do they forfeit the right to play for the 100 G’s?  Very confusing and very unclear, and the live show should provide such clarity.

The season started off so well, but I’m starting to lose interest.


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