Battle Of The Brunettes

So last night’s episode tried to show that life can go on after whats-his-name got kicked off of the show. However, I wonder if the producers succeeded in that quest.

Head of Household Frank wanted to go after the houseguests that tried to vote him out last week, so Shane and Jojo took King Frank’s wrath. Shane won a delightfully messy Power Of Veto competition (which viewers got a chance to see how it was put together), so exit Shane, enter a sad Danielle to the hot seat.

Despite the pity party for Miss Murphee, who surely had to realize that a 1 in 12 or 16 chance at winning the game is long odds, I think Jojo will end up going home. Queen Janelle, who holds at least a share of all the major house records from her previous two trips to the house, will see to that. She owns a three vote block and probably gets an assist from Boogie’s team. Although, don’t be shocked if Boogie’s team throws a hinky vote (a vote the other way to make it look like someone’s not with the plan) as the Boogster did often back in season seven.  I think the sense of the house sees Jojo as a stronger competitor should she remain, giving Danielle the chance to get down and dirty should she remain.  That’s what so great about the Big Brother series, if you ask me.  The morality struggle.  Do you play nice, or do you twist the knife in someone’s back?  The great players don’t hesitate to play dirty.  As George C. Scott said portraying Mike Tyson’s trainer Cus D’ Amato in a Mike Tyson HBO biopic a decade and a half ago, the champion fighters are the champion liars.  That applies to this game.

The season now begins to look a lot like it will wind up being a battle between Boogie and Janelle’s teams, unless the houseguests turn on their masters. After tonight, Dan’s team will be no more or Britney’s will be reduced to one. If “Boognelle” continue their cooperative agreement, they have five chances in seven to keep the HOH in their possession. But with the coaches competition, it’s not a given that alliance runs the table.

Then, there are all the “what if” scenarios the producers are allowing open talk about, somewhat different from other seasons. Will the coaches enter the game? Will a previously evicted houseguest return? All speculation to boost the paranoia inside the house. I tend to think that something will be thrown at them, especially with the ejection this week. But what? That’s what keeps us coming back for more.


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