Over On That Other BB…

So, I’ve gotten up to speed on the UK version of Big Brother, with the help of Wikipedia.  Over there, they also use a lot of twists to keep the viewers interested.  Except over there, the twists have plenty of bite and a little bit of bark to them.  The reverse seems true here on the US “Survivorized” version.

They still use the BB1 process over there, where the power is not held by one person, but centralized.  Normally, each housemate gets two votes and the top two getting the most votes go on the block, including ties.  For instance, if there was a four-way tie for second, or a three-way tie for first, then there would be more than two nominees.

The twists usually involve nominations in some way, and the most recent one was a doozy.  If any housemate gets a single vote, they go up for the public vote.  Of the ten housemates left in the game at this juncture, eight received at least one vote.  So the UK public gets to vote among eight different contestants.  Don’t know if that’s a UK record, but it makes for an interesting eviction.

Usually they do evictions Friday night, but I wonder if they’ll push that back for the Olympic opening ceremonies, which also take place the same night.


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