Fun Facts: BB14 So Far

So here’s what happened so far during season fourteen in terms of trivia and records:

Jodi Rollins broke the Big Brother record for the shortest stay in the house at 1 day. The previous record was BB9’s Jacob Heald with 3 days.  Sharon Obermuller was also evicted in Day 3, but came back in when Neil Garcia left the show.  She stayed another 69 days, which is still the record for the longest returning visit after being evicted in a season.

Janelle Pierzina has now set the record for the most total days as a houseguest. She broke this on day five when she spent her 148th day in the house, breaking Dr. Will Kirby’s mark of 147 on BB2 and BB7.  That gives Janelle another record to go along with most times being HOH in a season (4, tied with 3 others), most HOH’s overall (6, tied with Rachel on BB12/BB13), most POV’s in one season (5, tied with BB8’s Danielle), most POV’s overall (7), most nominations in a season (6, tied with 4 others), and most nominations overall (11).

The first voting round in a season of Big Brother has never been a tie, needing a tie-breaking vote to be cast by a Head of Household.  The closest first round vote margin is one vote, which has happened twice.  Lori Olson was evicted in BB3 over Amy Crews in a 5-4 vote, while Braden Bacha was evicted first in BB11 on a 6-5 vote over Chima Simone.

Frank Eudy became the 5th player to be in the first set of nominees to survive an eviction vote and become the next HOH.  Marcellas Reynolds did this first in BB3 (who was vetoed by Gerry Lancaster), followed by Jee Choe in BB4, Jessie Godderz in BB10 (who won the POV to save himself), and Rachel Reilly in BB12.

Willie Hantz became the HOH to make the quickest exit at 14 days, breaking Amanda Hansen and Alex Coladonato’s mark of 21 days set in BB9.  He’s also the second player to have been HOH and to be expelled from the game, joining Chima Simone with that dubious mark.  Hantz is also the longest staying houseguest to never have been nominated at 14 days, breaking Justin Sebik’s record of 10 during BB2.

And that’s just what’s happened so far.  More records will probably fall as the season progresses.


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