Across The Pond

So while there was a lull in the action on Friday, I went to YouTube and started watching the 2012 UK version of Big Brother.

A couple of years ago, I was bored with season 12 of our BB, so I found clips from across the pond and watched Josie Gibson win the grand prize of 100,000 pounds, which is about $156,000 presently.  The characters were much more diverse and controversial, like Dave Vaughan, the wine-drinking minister, Steve “The Baron” Gill, the snobbish Ben Duncan, and child actress turned adult lesbian, Shabby Katchadourian.

Their version of Big Brother was never Survivor-ized like ours was, so it plays a lot more like The Glass House, but mostly with BB1 rules.  At least two housemates (as they call them over there) go up for eviction, and the lowest number of votes to keep a housemate gets evicted.  Unlike our BB, housemates also enter the house as substitutes if one of the originals quits, which their BB allows, opposed to ours.  Anyone who wishes to quit informs Big Brother (i.e. the producers and off-stage questioners), and if they still feel like leaving after 24 hours, the request is granted.

The most recent change on their series is that the players are allowed to discuss how they vote, which hadn’t been the case in the first eleven seasons.  Each housemate gives two names for eviction, and whoever is in the Top 2 for votes including ties goes up.

It makes for an interesting show, thanks to the differences in European society as compared to ours.


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