Some BB Breaking News

Some big time news about BB14 took place tonight…it is a MAJOR SPOILER.  I try to keep the real-time spoilers down to a minimum, but this one of the scenarios I envisioned where I’d have to break things down.

If you don’t want to know until Sunday, don’t click.  All I’m saying.

Willie Hantz became the fourth player ever to be expelled in the US Big Brother series today, and the sixth player to leave prematurely.  Apparently he made some threats in the house today, and had to be removed before things got violent.

(EDIT: Later details indicate that things DID get violent.  Willie threw pork rinds at Janelle Pierzina, one of the coaches, calling her the c-word.  He then headbutted Joe four times before he had to be physically removed from the house, and thus the game.)

Willie, what a punk you are.  You went from having it all to having none of it left.  You’re a paranoid little fool trying to act big.  Frank shredded you to pieces.  Now Frank probably won’t end up winning the game, I tend to think.  But he definitely made Willie his bitch at the end.  It was like watching Sugar Ray Leonard making Roberto Duran say “no mas” (which means no more) in their famous 1980 fight in New Orleans.

So now the game will go on, and the remaining nine houseguests can all breathe easy, and they deserve it.


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