Et Tu, King Willie?

While the game goes on, so does real life…

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the events taking place on a reality show in California with what has occured overnight in Colorado. God bless the victims of the shootings, and my thoughts are there this morning first and foremost.  Life will always be greater than some televised game.  Make the best of things with the people you love, for who knows if they will be around tomorrow.

And so, needless to say, it wasn’t a very good night for Willie Hantz the outgoing Head of Household.  It seemed early on in his reign that he wanted Kara gone, but his paranoia about the game and about the other nominee, Frank, spiraled out of control.  Now with Frank being the second HOH, Willie is under the gun. A quick look at Wikipedia shows that the first HOH has only been evicted on the next opportunity once: during BB9.  Odds are looking good that Willie will equal that feat in seven days.

On the other hand, Frank played brilliantly.  I wonder if he’s ever read The Art Of War by Sun Tzu.  One of the many sayings in that book is that if an opponent has an ill temper, irritate it.  Sure enough, Frank played Willie’s mocking of Wil to the hilt, and it seriously riled up Mr. Hantz.

The problem is for Frank is that it will not be easy to become Willie’s executioner.  He has to dodge a few bullets in that he has to hope Britney doesn’t win the coaches competition.  He also has to hope that if Britney wins, she doesn’t trade Willie to his team.  If he nominates Willie, he has to hope Willie doesn’t win the Power of Veto.  If he waits until after the POV, he has to hope one of Willie’s allies doesn’t win the Veto.

Everyone in Joker’s Chat was wondering if Julie Chen is pregnant again.  I think she is.

Lots of talk on the Internet about those live feeds, and how they don’t air what’s going on in Feedland while the show airs live on the East Coast.  CBS, let me throw this idea at you.  You have people paying you money to watch what goes on in this house LIVE.  Why not put the show on the feeds as it airs on the East Coast?  Yes, it could hinder ratings a bit, but those people are going to find out what’s going to happen anyway.  Why not keep them right where they are?

Just a thought.


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