Kicks In The Head

Ian is still the star of the show so far.  His head kicking routine was priceless!

So last night, the second of the two “highlight shows” aired, as Mike “Boogie” likes to put it, covering the events up until what happened on Sunday.  A lot has happened since Sunday in terms of who may wind up being the second person out this season, so the producers have the unenviable task of cramming all that into a couple of segments of the live show later on tonight.

“King” William Hantz put Frank Eudy and Kara Monaco on the chopping block.  Even with the events going on that have yet to be seen on TV, I still wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Kara winds up leaving.  Kara’s probably the more marketable of the two, but she also has the most to go back to outside of the house.  And like I said Monday, the Big Brother producers seem to be in the business of creating talent, and not using talent that’s already been battle tested as Kara has.

Whenever the house can’t explain in detail why a houseguest is nominated, and use stock terminology like “she has to go” or “she can be a floater,” it is usually a bad sign.  That usually means a deal has been cut behind the scenes.

Ian Terry is still the star of the show, certainly no question about that.  On last night’s show, he showed off one of his skills.  The ability to kick himself in forehead with one of his feet.  No, I didn’t make that up.  He actually did that.

Shane Meaney won the POV competition where he and the five other houseguests went searching through foam to find oversized coins for a laundry kiosk with oversized slots.  Shane elected not to use the veto powers, keeping the nominees standing pat.

So we’ll see tonight where this all goes.


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