Thoughts On The Glass House

Here’s what I don’t get:  if you’re going to run a show that is, for all intents and purposes, a clone of Big Brother and a bad one at that, why not do it in the wintertime and not in the summer?

The Glass House is pretty much a cross between the first Big Brother, all the proceeding seasons of Big Brother, and variations off of some of the rules of…you guessed it…Big Brother.  For instance, I could the BB Live Feeds NOT going 24/7 (like they do now, right?) one day, so Glass House has done that so where you only get them at key points of the show.

Oh, did I mention the show is being produced by at least 19 former producers and staff members of…Big Brother?

Unlike BB, where there is one person who controls all the power, you have teams picked by the least two favored players determined by the viewers on the Internet.  Like some other shows in the reality TV genre, the results of these decisions aren’t shown, you just get the results.  So how do you know what you’re watching is above board?

After a competition, the losing team captain immediately goes into limbo (in GH, you’re not nominated, you’re in limbo…hmmm) and the rest of the house decides which member of the losing team joins the team captain in limboland.

If I were with CBS, would I want to sue ABC for this show?  Absolutely.  But I think the competition will make the genuine article a lot better, at least in the short term.


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