Oh Captains, My Captains

Kara, I do believe you’re going home a few days from now…

Last night, the second episode of BB14. And something I’ve been waiting for the show to do has finally taken shape.

I’ve believed in recent years that Allison Grodner would eventually add a third immunity contest into the mix on top of the HOH and POV competitions. And lo and behold, a new coaches competition was born that gives a second Houseguest immunity per HOH cycle. Love the idea.

Did you all notice something on that Face Wall while the nomination ceremony took place? The four coaches appear to have their own key slots. Perhaps this is a tip off that the coaches enter the game at some point as a yet to be revealed twist, despite what’s been advertised? We’ll see.

I don’t care if the ladies find him creepy. I like Ian in the game! He wants to enjoy every minute in the game, so let him! That’s what I would do, although I’d probably refrain on peeking in on the gals in the showers. You’d think he would know that there are sites where you can find most of the houseguest undressed in some capacity online.

Joe on the other hand, I don’t know what his story is. If and when he goes on slop for the first time, watch out. Allison and the other producers might have to chase this guy with a net.

I wasn’t all that shocked to see the coaches align themselves as they have early on. Mike last sortie on BB7 and his passive aggressive approach to women hasn’t been lost on Janelle, apparently. Usually, large alliances of six or more don’t last, because once they lose control of the game and go under the gun, they lose focus. We’ll see if the new weekly competition changes that.

My “spidey sense” is going off big time that it’s Kara Monaco who winds up leaving us next.  A shame for regional reasons, as she was born in Lakeland, about 50 miles to my east.  But here’s what I REALLY think is going on here.  Notice how the other houseguests really can’t tell you why she’s leaving, but always throw around that “she needs to go” phrase.  That’s usually show speak for the producers wanting her gone.  Could be a couple of reasons for that.  One being that she’s already been the property of the Playboy and NBC media consortiums (E! is one of their networks, and Kara has made a couple of appearances), and that she’s basically on loan from them.  Another theory I have is along similar lines.  That is that they don’t want her making a long run in the game because as a Playboy Playmate (not just of a month, but of a year, mind you), she has the most to go back to.  It would seem if the producers wanted to manipulate the game, they would be in the business of creating talent, and not cultivating talent that’s already been somewhat successful.

Anyway, that’s how I see it.  How about you?


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