A Rocking Opening Night

All and all, I thought the lid-lifter for the fourteenth season of Big Brother was pretty darn good.  One of the best opening nights they’ve had in a long time, probably going back to the All-Star season.

While it was a shame to see Jodi go out of the game so quickly, let’s remind ourselves of one thing here: the houseguests all agreed to practically anything and everything to compete in the house.  That certainly includes the possibility of being evicted in the first night.

And yet again, CBS oversold and under delivered on the surprises.  If I can go on the Internet and figure out the surprises before I see them on TV, are they truly surprises?  Allison Grodner and CBS have to be smarter at putting on a show than we are.  But year after year, they play to the TV audience and TV audience only.  To borrow professional wrestling terminology (very appropriate with Sid Eudy’s baby boy in the house), they play to the marks, or lesser intelligent fans, and treat those of us who are a bit more savvy as if we don’t exist.  A long standing complaint of mine, I realize, and probably one that doesn’t go away anytime soon.

Note: I’ve modified how I’m going to handle the information the TV audience has yet to know and what the Internet audience does know.  On the upper right of the page is a link called “Real Time Spoilers.”  There, you’ll see the information that’s yet to be shown on TV, from most recent to the least recent.  If you don’t want to know, don’t click the link!  It’s that simple.

I was happy to see the coaches come back into the house.  Well, it’s a studio stage in Studio City off of Colfax Street constructed to look like a house, really.  Notice how the four chosen have either gotten married or had children?  I guess the producers don’t want coaches chasing ever houseguests of the opposite sex!  Now I didn’t watch a great deal of BB’s 10 through 13 on TV, just followed it on the Internet.  Britney, Dan, and Janelle all seem like decent people, no doubt about that.

Why did they let Mike “Boogie” Malin back in the house?  He’s a very social character, true.  He’s also made a decent living off of being social with all of his restaurant ideas.  But truth be told, I always thought he didn’t respect women, and that got verified when word broke about this time last year that he was accused of hiring male sex partners with embezzled money.  Brings a whole new meaning to the first words of “daddy’s home” he uttered entering the house, doesn’t it?

The removal of a houseguest the first night had one strategic flaw to it.  Now, I know Willie’s nomination picks have already been made.  With the teams broken down in a 3-3-3-2 format after Jodi’s eviction, wouldn’t the best play be to go after Kara and Danielle to reduce Dan’s team down to one?  That way, the other three teams can gang up on Dan’s remaining player and knock that team out completely.

Oh, but I see something’s taking place that could countermand that.  So this would be a good point to shut up for now.


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