So…Who Do We Have?

So tonight, I’m doing what I used to do years ago on the eve of the first airing of Big Brother: studying the houseguests.

Studying the houseguests has also presented me with the first dilemma of the blog.  The four mentors for BB14 have been leaked on the Internet, thanks to some of the more intelligent snooping by Clio The Leo and her Twitter page.  Confidence is extremely high that these are indeed the four HGs yet to be revealed.

Here’s the problem.  I’m going to review all 16 HG’s, the four mentors and the twelve newbies.  Some of you may consider it spoiler material, I would contend that since it’s been leaked, it really isn’t a surprise.  I promise you all I’m not going to make a habit out of this, but if something is leaked, someone wants us to know about it, I suppose.

So here’s how I’ll play it.  I’m going to “handicap the field” if you click the link below.  If you don’t want to know, don’t click.  That simple.

The promotions for Big Brother 14 promised that in terms of total houseguests, this would be the largest “house” ever.  Well, if it you just restricted it to the summer BB seasons (Big Brother 9 was the only winter/spring edition in 2008), that would be correct.  They began with 16, and BB14 also begins with 16 houseguests.

Let’s start with the four returnees:

Mike “Boogie” Malin and Janelle Pierzina return for their third seasons in the house, and Dan Gheesling and Britney Haynes return for their second stay.  While I’m not thrilled about houseguests coming back in a third time, they are four solid choices.  Boogie won the all-star BB7 in 2006, and Dan won the most recent “the twist is we don’t have a twist” version of Big Brother, season 10 in the summer of 2009.  Janelle finished third in both BB6 and BB7, and Britney was a solid fourth place finisher in BB12.  And I agree with a recent “Evel” Dick Donato video blog about how it appears the mentors will be used.  What we don’t know at this point is if the mentors are also allowed to compete for the grand prize on top of the mentors prize of their own.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

So here’s my take on the newbies, and I’ll go in alphabetical order:

First, we have 26 year old Ashley Iocco, who seems keen to start a new alliance every hour, according to her pre-show interviews.  Owns a mobile spray tanning business, but I don’t see her lasting long.  I have a theory about the game: actors, models, and athletic types don’t last long in the game, for they tend to think with the private parts of their respective gender.  In other words, you get an athlete in there, he tends to think with his dick.  There, I said it.

We have 23 year old Danielle Murphee, a single nurse from Alabama.  Veteran BB watchers now that we’ve had a doctor and a emergency medical technician win two seasons of BB (Will in BB2, Maggie in BB6, respectively).  Another theory of mine is that people who interact on a daily basis with all walks of life do VERY well in the game.  College students, financial advisors, bartenders, hostesses seem to have a huge advantage.

Then, there’s Frank Eudy of Naples, 28 years of age.  As I mentioned earlier today, his dad, Sidney Eudy, is a rather famous pro wrestler.  Seems to be a show superfan, but I don’t really buy the “angle” that he’s unemployed.  I’m sure his dad throws him a bone or two, probably setting up his wrestling gigs.  Seems to be into his hair, and that seems about right.  These days, wrestlers are all about their physical appearance.  Think he’d go out sooner rather than later, but he could wind up surprising us all.

Fourth on the list is 21 year old Ian Terry, a New Orleans resident by way of Pittsburgh.  Engineering student at Tulane, so even if his BB gig doesn’t work out, he’s destined for big things.  College students do well, so he could go deep into the game if he doesn’t get to technical or geeky.

Jennifer Arroyo is fifth on the list, 37 years old from New York City.  A guitarist and vocalist in the band JENNCiTY.  Could be, as Jun Song thinks on a recent vlog of hers (See?  I give proper credit where it’s due) that Jennifer could be a female Evel Dick.  Someone who seizes the game by it’s throat and does NOT let go of it!  She could also be someone there for the publicity and little else.  She’ll either go far or be one of the first gone.

Has anyone seen the pictures of Jodi Rollins and not thought she looks like BB3/BB7’s Danielle Reyes?  She’s a 42 year old restaurant server and mother of five.  Sounds like she fits the mold I look for in a winner, someone who has to deal with people successfully every day.  Wouldn’t be shocked if she made it to the end.

Joe Arvin looks like one of these guys who could be a little creepy.  He’s a 41 year old chef from Indiana, and looks like he’s a bit of shameless self promoter.  His cooking skills probably keeps him safe for a while, but I just can’t see him going deep.  Sorry.

That brings us to Staten Island bartender Jojo Spatafora.  The 26 year old single woman looks like she could easily fit in on Jersey Shore, and there have been a fair share of bartenders who’ve done well in BBLand, namely Lisa Donahue who won BB3 and Memphis Garrett, the runner-up on BB10.  Could be a sleeper pick for the season.

Kara Monaco probably has the best credentials anyone has ever had coming into any Big Brother season.  She was the Playboy Playmate of the Year of 2006.  She’s currently 29 years of age and lives in Los Angeles, and has had numerous TV appearences.  Why the heck would she want to play Big Brother?  Might not be the usual model/actress/athlete type that crashes and burns early.  Says she’ll give the winnings to her mom, so that’s all the more reason to root for her.

Shane Meaney is a 26 year old house flipper from Vermont, which I think is code for what he does when he isn’t acting.  Don’t see him lasting long.

Finally, we have a Will and a Willie.

Will Heuser is no stranger to TV land, having appeared on some musical show on the “animal network” that I hear does very well.  He fills the quota of being the resident gay man on the show (the show has had at least one gay guy on the show every year, going back to Bunky Miller on BB2), not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I have him penciled in as the season’s wild card, don’t really know what he’ll bring to the table.

Willie Hantz is a 34 year old tankerman from Texas, and is the brother and uncle of a pair of Survivor contestants.  Wonder how that will translate into being a good BB player.  Could be another player that goes very deep.

And there’s the field.  Ian, Jojo, and Jodi are my picks to click this year.  Hurry up and make your selections, because the show starts tomorrow night.


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