The Ground Rules

So here’s what I’m trying to accomplish with this blog.

One: For the most part, I will try to deal with the facts as presented, and give opinions based on those facts.  I’ll try to stay away from the rumor mill unless it has some basis in fact to it.

Two: I will not post about live shows and/or HOH competitions until the day after they take place.  So yes, I will not spoil anything for you, the viewers.  I’ll talk about things on a “TV time” basis, not a “real time” basis.  So, for instance, if nominations take place on Friday, and don’t air until Sunday, I won’t talk about it until Monday.  The exception to the rule is if something big happens in real time, like a houseguest getting thrown out of the game.  Say that happens on Sunday night, THEN I’d talk about on Monday, usually behind a clickable link and with a warning.

Three: I’ll try to call things as I see it.  Don’t take it personally if you’re a fan of a certain houseguest, as I’m sure they’ll have opinions of me.  I do not attack HGs for their appearance or their sexuality, so if you’re coming here to see me bash a houseguest don’t.  But I will be critical if I think they play poorly, or if I don’t think a houseguest is a decent human being.

Four: I have a long standing policy of not watching the live feeds that dates back to BB2.  The feeds, during the first Big Brother were free of charge, a policy long since abandoned.  I may read about the live feeds and various Internet commentary, because I think that the differences between it and the TV shows on CBS have to be put into proper context.  Remember, it is not easy to take a game that goes on almost 24/7 and make three 60 minute TV shows out of it.

And finally..

Five: Rule three applies to Julie Chen as well.  Yes, she’s married to CBS CEO Les Moonves, that’s been sufficiently documented.  Yes, she’s known as the Chenbot.  Seems like a waste of time to me to critique her over what she does in her personal life.  This diary intends to treat her with the respect someone who’s hosted this show for currently her fourteenth season is due.  Period.

So let’s try and have some fun with this.


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