Hello My Friends, We Meet Again

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a running review of one of the Big Brother seasons.  But I’ve got the bug once more.

To be honest, I haven’t really followed the last few seasons.  Found most of them unwatchable, and I would read the day by day reviews on Hamster Watch, I site I give my highest endorsement to.  As we reconvene here in the year 2012, the show is stagnating, or at least I think so.  And I’m not the only one, it seems.  ABC recently started a series that’s basically a Big Brother clone called The Glass House.  Hasn’t done too well ratings wise, it’s lost viewers each and every week, but I give the “alphabet network” high praise for trying.

But I’m already getting ahead of myself.

I did BB episode reviews for various sites, including most famously Joker’s Updates, from BB3 to BB5.  What happened?  I got tired of doing them.  Got tired of the showbiz manipulations that can be seen going on weekly, if not daily.  No one pressured me to stop being critical of the BB series, but I could see that “my act” was beginning to run a little thin, so I got out of doing it before I was chased out.

And let’s be clear, the show has survived numerous criticisms of it.  Any show in its 14th season is doing something right.

That being said, I wonder why the producers of Big Brother are so obsessed with bringing previous contestants back.  If you haven’t heard the pre-season hype, the game is going to start with 16 HG’s, four of whom will be mentors.  A nice way of saying recycled hamsters.  Rumor has it that one of the houseguests will be coming back for his third run on the show.  We’ve now had returning houseguests three of the past four seasons, and now two straight seasons.  Not to mention that last year’s victor, Rachel Reilly, played the previous year.

Two nights from tonight, the circus begins anew.  We’ll have the chick with surgical enhancements, we’ll have the guy who’s either bisexual or gay.  We’ll have the token African-American woman, and the token 40+ “old man” of the show.  We’ll have the “superfan” who will be eliminated quickly.  We’ll have the hunk or the hottie that loses his or her mind and winds up being eliminated post haste.  And we’ll have that one guy or gal with exceptional social skills that winds up winning the whole shebang.

As Jon Bon Jovi famously put it a quarter of a century ago, it’s all the same.  Only the names have changed.


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