Now This Is How You Do A Twist

So tonight, I’m watching, via YouTube, the Big Brother UK highlights show that aired tonight on the UK’s Channel 5. Right now, the game is crossing the two month mark, and currently they have eight housemates left. The cast is divided into two sects: Luke A., Deana, Sara, and Adam on one side, with Scott […]

The Scouting Report

So we’re now 24 days into season fourteen. Seems longer, doesn’t it? Time to size up the remaining field, starting with the competing houseguests, concluding with the probably soon to be competing coaches.

The Shane Show

Eight episodes of season fourteen have now come and gone, and in this blogger’s opinion the show is deteriorating rapidly. My apologies to Willie Hantz. At first, I thought Willie was a bad dude. But remember, we’re dealing with Big Brother editing here.  And I’m starting to think that if their editing, sooner or later […]

None Of The Above

If any of you are looking for advice on how to vote on America’s Vote, I’d say don’t vote at all.  Save your money, or save your Facebook personal page space. As Dingo on Hamster Watch quite correctly points out, the actual vote will not matter. They’re going to put the coaches in anyways, and that […]

BBUK’s Queen Of Mean

She knew she was going to be evicted, but in her departure, a 20 year old former boarding school student named Caroline Wharram went out with a blaze of glory. For those of us in the United States, think back to BB1, when the houseguests had a grocery challenge each week.  Winning the challenge resulted […]

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

The second live eviction night of Big Brother 14 has come and gone.  And this episode had me scratching my head. Jojo Spatafora was dead on when she basically said it was an eviction that didn’t make any sense.  If you could get rid of one houseguest, or get rid of a houseguest and a […]

Willie Hantz: Arrested!

Sometimes the stories can’t be made up. According to TMZ, Willie Hantz was arrested today in Louisiana. He went from the Big Brother house to the big house in seven days.