Now This Is How You Do A Twist

So tonight, I’m watching, via YouTube, the Big Brother UK highlights show that aired tonight on the UK’s Channel 5.

Right now, the game is crossing the two month mark, and currently they have eight housemates left. The cast is divided into two sects: Luke A., Deana, Sara, and Adam on one side, with Scott probably the most neutral of the group, with Luke S., Becky, Ashleigh, and Conor on the other side.

Instead of the housemates each naming two nominees, they did something very interesting: they allowed friends and family of each housemate to cast on their behalf, without any kind of conference with their representatives in the house. This allowed some information to spill out that housemates didn’t know about, and it increased the tension in the house ten-fold. It also meant in a few instances that the family members voted to nominate housemates that those in the house believed to be friends of theirs. For instance, Sara’s mother nominated Scott for one of her two votes, calling him a rapscallion, even though Sara and Scott are friends.

Big Brother producers here in the US, take note. You don’t need muscle bound men and women with fake body parts to create drama. You don’t need actors and actresses, nor do you need twists every fan who has followed the show for a while can figure out immediately.

All it takes is a bit of ingenuity.

Probably doesn’t hurt that the UK version can use several of those seven dirty words that US TV still forbids, either.

The Shane Show

Eight episodes of season fourteen have now come and gone, and in this blogger’s opinion the show is deteriorating rapidly.

My apologies to Willie Hantz. At first, I thought Willie was a bad dude. But remember, we’re dealing with Big Brother editing here.  And I’m starting to think that if their editing, sooner or later they’ll try to tell you that the Easter Bunny is real, as is the Tooth Fairy, and that Santa Claus visits billions of homes on Christmas Eve at midnight.

The show misses Willie BADLY, which I did mean to capitalize. My hope was, as “Evel” Dick Donato also thought, is that the coaches would accelerate the game. Maybe that was true the first couple of weeks, but instead the game has turned more passive. Most of the decisions and votes have been along party lines, and no one has made a move in the game yet. You have what would normally be a bunch of conservative players turned ultra-conservative. Newt Gingrich kind of conservative.

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None Of The Above

Janelle and the three other coaches could wind up back in the house come Thursday night.  Why is this even being put to a vote?

If any of you are looking for advice on how to vote on America’s Vote, I’d say don’t vote at all.  Save your money, or save your Facebook personal page space.

As Dingo on Hamster Watch quite correctly points out, the actual vote will not matter. They’re going to put the coaches in anyways, and that was the plan since day one. The reason why they’re asking our permission is so that we can take the blame is the coaches coming in twist is a flop.  Which it will be.

I think Janelle Pierzina is one of the great players in BB history, as is Mike, and I’d put Dan in that category.  Britney seems to be there just to be there. But do we really need to see Janelle extend all of her records? Be evicted a third time, nominated a 12th time and beyond, and so on? Chocolate ice cream is a favorite of mine, but I don’t eat it every hour of every day. You get bored with it. And I think America will get bored with the “reruns” doing everything all over again.

And if the twist is a flop, will Big Brother continue on in the United States? Yes, I really did say that. They hesitate to bring in a cast of all new contestants, which they haven’t done now since BB12. A better hope is that the show finds new producers, which I have a hard time seeing happening. Could the show wind up on a cable outlet with limited live feeds, ala The Glass House? Certainly possible.

As I said last year on YouTube, the show is beginning to show it’s age, and it’s not getting any younger.

BBUK’s Queen Of Mean

On the UK version of Big Brother, Caroline Wharram was evicted last night.

She knew she was going to be evicted, but in her departure, a 20 year old former boarding school student named Caroline Wharram went out with a blaze of glory.

For those of us in the United States, think back to BB1, when the houseguests had a grocery challenge each week.  Winning the challenge resulted in more money for groceries, losing the challenge put the house on a shoestring budget.  They still do that on the other Big Brother shows worldwide, while our version went to a hit-or-miss format with the food where members of the house or the entire house could wind up on slop (it was peanut butter and jelly only the first few seasons after season two) for a week depending on the game and the stakes.

The BBUK house won their food challenge, so they had 550 pounds (about $850) to spend amongst ten people.  The members of the house discuss what should be on the list, and one of the housemates reads off the list in the diary room.  Caroline was the “officer” in charge of reciting the list, but instead of ordering what everyone wanted, she orders a considerable amount of the budget on chocolate.  (Go to the eight minute mark of the video clip for all the gory details.)

Nothing but chocolate, chocolate spread, biscuits, pancakes, peanut butter and popcorn. By spending everything on those items, everything else the house wanted has to be given to them in small rations.

Needless to say, her fellow housemates weren’t amused for the most part with this prank. And needless to say, the public, who in BB UK is still in charge of who stays and who goes, whisked Caroline out of the house and gave her a loud chorus of boos.

Caroline Wharram, meet Shannon Dragoo.  Shannon, Caroline.

Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

The second live eviction night of Big Brother 14 has come and gone.  And this episode had me scratching my head.

Jojo Spatafora was dead on when she basically said it was an eviction that didn’t make any sense.  If you could get rid of one houseguest, or get rid of a houseguest and a coach, which would you do?  Seems like this was another behind-the-scenes showbiz call to me. And before you put a tin-foil hat on me, look at what happened tonight from the end to the start.  Julie Chen revealed that the game-changing twist was whether or not we the public should elect to put the coaches in the game, or not.

Rewind a moment.  Note how just before Julie gave the vote tally that she really emphasized that if Danielle was evicted, Dan’s return to the Big Brother house was over.  Now, if you could control the outcome of the show, wouldn’t it be in your vested interested to keep Dan around, and thus keep Danielle around? Because if they just so happened to catch a break, Dan turns from a coach to a houseguest.

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