BB20, Special Comment: Julie’s Gambit

When I first heard the news last night that Julie Chen was leaving The Talk, I kind of sensed it might be bad news for the prospect of Big Brother here in the United States. While I certainly hope the series continues on for many more years to come, it’s hard not to look at […]

BB20, Part VIII: Those Scenarios Again

  (State Of Play: Here on Day 89, Hayleigh and Brett were evicted the prior Thursday. Brett was evicted in the “double eviction” round, with Tyler winning his 3rd HOH and Angela winning POV. In the current “final five” round, Angela won HOH, nominating JC and Sam. Kaycee won veto on Saturday.) Even if the […]

BB20, Part VII: Unwrapped

(State Of Play: With Day 82 in progress, seven houseguests remain. Scottie was the most recent evictee on the 79th Day after returning to the game for one week by winning a Battle Back. In the current eviction cycle, Kaycee is the HOH and holds the Power of Veto, with Hayleigh and Sam currently nominated.) […]

That’s A Wrap

In light of more recent developments regarding CBS CEO Les Moonves and today’s decision by the network NOT to suspend him, I’ve decided to suspend coverage of the Big Brother series on this blog, at least temporarily. It is mind-boggling to me how the network execs can deny allegations that Mr. Moonves himself doesn’t deny […]

BB20, Part VI: A Point Of No Return

(State Of Play: After the end of Day 38, Kaitlyn was the fourth houseguest evicted in a 9-1 vote AND having failed the “power app” challenge that would have re-entered her into the house. Bayleigh is the new HOH, nominating Brett and Rachel. Bayleigh and Tyler still have power apps of their own that are […]

BB20, Part V: Brett, The Hit Man

(State Of Play: After Day 31, Winston was the third evicted on a 6-5 vote. Sam won HOH, nominating Kaitlyn and Hayleigh. Whoever is evicted on Day 37 uses Sam’s power app and gets a “chance” at returning. Bayleigh and Tyler’s apps are still in play.) There’s a level of excitement in the air in […]

BB20, Part IV: Revenge Of The Nerd

(State Of Play: After Day 24, Swaggy was the second evicted by an 8-4 vote. Scottie became HOH, nominating Brett and Winston. Sam, Tyler, and now Bayleigh have “power apps” that do various things.) The Swaggy C. era has now come and gone – the T-shirts are still out there, and the memories will linger […]