BB20, Part V: Brett, The Hit Man

(State Of Play: After Day 31, Winston was the third evicted on a 6-5 vote. Sam won HOH, nominating Kaitlyn and Hayleigh. Whoever is evicted on Day 37 uses Sam’s power app and gets a “chance” at returning. Bayleigh and Tyler’s apps are still in play.) There’s a level of excitement in the air in […]

BB20, Part IV: Revenge Of The Nerd

(State Of Play: After Day 24, Swaggy was the second evicted by an 8-4 vote. Scottie became HOH, nominating Brett and Winston. Sam, Tyler, and now Bayleigh have “power apps” that do various things.) The Swaggy C. era has now come and gone – the T-shirts are still out there, and the memories will linger […]

BB20, Part III: Ghosts Of Seasons Past

(State Of Play: At the conclusion of Day 17, Steve was the first evicted on a 7-6 split vote. Kaitlyn is now the new HOH. Sam still has her app store power in play, which must be used in either this, the next, or the fourth eviction cycle, Scottie and Winston are the nominees, while […]

BB20, Part II: Let Them Play!

(State Of Play: at the end of Day 10 – Tyler is HOH, Sam and Steve are nominated, Faysal won the veto. Faysal was also the loser of the popularity poll, which Sam won and gets some sort of “App Store” immunity power yet to be fully explained.) As evidenced on Wednesday and Thursday night […]

BB20, Part I: Going Vetless

Now that we are beginning coverage of yet another Big Brother season, here is my annual reminder that I discuss events of the house in real time, and not in the timeline CBS uses for their shows. Events I discuss here can and likely will be ahead of what’s been shown. For the fifth time […]

BB20 Prologue, Part II: Pre-Cast Predictions

This season, I’m going to do predictions in two waves. The first “wave” will be more of a general set of predictions since we don’t know the cast – and some of the predictions can’t be made once the cast is revealed. In a couple of weeks, I’ll throw the second wave at you once […]